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These are the kind souls who have contributed towards making Eloquent JavaScript, the second edition possible.

Magnus Skog 1000€
1000$ Donation from dev team at Ghostery! Thanks for the awesome work!
Anonymous 1000$
erin lee 200$
Alexander Shendi 100€
Anonymous 100€
Anonymous 100€ I love your book. Thank you very much!
Morgan Roderick 100€ We need a second edition of the best, free JavaScript book
Stelian Ionescu 100€
Anonymous 100$
Anton Kovalyov 100$
david karapetyan 100$ I fully support this effort. We need more decentralized sources of education for technology related matters.
Joshua Waheed 100$
Kevin Layer, Franz Inc. 100$
Nathan Youngman 100$
Raynos 100$
Tim Caswell 100$ I especially liked the intro chapter in which you describe programming as a creative art more than a cold technical task.
Stan Yamane 75$
tiffon 75$
Anonymous 56€
[o]_O 50€ I am a T-SQL monkey with the occasional C# app or python script. Much to my dismay, I was assigned the task of fixing some Javascript bugs in an internal deployment tool. All I knew at the time about Javascript was that it sucked, so I tried reading the 1st edition of Eloquent Javascript. Unfortunately, it worked too well: not only did I fix the problems, I now think Javascript is cool :-(
David Owens 50€
Dominique Poulain 50€
Jans Aasman 50€ looking forward to see the new edition...
Kai Elvin 50€ Not too interested in the book itself, donating to promote the funding model. I would advise to keep the bitcoins as Bitpay provides a very bad exchange rate.
Koen Steenbrink 50€ First edition helped me a lot. Looking forward for the next one.
Mihai Bazon 50€
Siltaar 50€
tmk 50€
Tom Weber 50€
Vaidas Gaurilcikas 50€ Thanks for the great work! I found the 1st edition of Eloquent Javascript to be one of the most pleasant to read and useful programming books I've ever come across. Eagerly awaiting the 2nd edition!
Vincent 50€
Iain Bryson 40€
Adam Hyland 50$
Amanda Brown 50$
Anonymous 50$
Anonymous 50$
Anonymous 50$
Anonymous 50$
Anonymous 50$
Mato Ilic 50$ This is one of the best JavaScript books around. Would love to see an updated version-
Peter deHaan 50$
Pierce Lopez 50$
Trevor Blackwell 50$
Zach W 50$ I loved the first edition. Looking forward to another :)
Anonymous 40$
Henry Allen-Tilford 40$
Kory Mathis 40$
Tom Kelley 40$ Keep up the good work. I brag about your current book, and I can't wait to see the new one.
Anonymous 30€
Anonymous 30€
Anonymous 30€
Daniel Harrington 30€
Onno Schwanen 30€
Anonymous 25€
Chris Smith 25€ Marijn's CodeMirror project is the foundation upon which I've been realizing my own vision of a better way to learn programming, and Eloquent JavaScript was truly a pioneering work. I feel it is extremely important to provide Marijn with the encouragement and financial support he needs.
Eric Allam 25€
fronx 25€
Octavian Nita 25€ One of the best books on programming ever, if you ask me; even if you know your way around programming, it is still worth it to read even the beginner chapters. Can hardly wait to buy the new edition! Best of luck, man!
Orde Saunders 25€
Rob Crowther 25€
Tom 25€ More of this sort of thing.
Alan Fothergill 30$
Ben Handzo 30$ Eloquent JS was my intro to programming as a way of thinking. I've gone back to it a bunch of times and learned new things every time. A beautiful updated version is worth every penyn.
Carlos Iriarte 30$ Your first book is amazing. This is my humble way of saying thanks for creating amazing things such as CodeMirror and the first edition of this book.
Dav Clark 30$
Isak Dalström 30$
Richard Yeh 30$
@fwg 20€ Eloquent Javascript has been an invaluable resource both to my learning and teaching of JS over the years.
Anonymous 20€ The only useful JavaScript Tutorial ;-)
Anonymous 20€
Anonymous 20€
Anonymous 20€ The first edition is a wonderful book, something I recommend to my employees as a must-read. Thanks for all the hard work!
Anonymous 20€
Anonymous 20€
Anonymous 20€
Anonymous 20€
Anonymous 20€
Bundyo 20€
d4kris 20€
Florian Heinisch 20€
Frank Taillandier 20€ The Web need this. Every good JS developer I have met said he had read your book. An updated edition will continue help everyone writing good Javascript.
Jason Smith 20€ My most preferred task "author's discretion"; but a Node.js section will be great. Remember, the API documentation indicates the permanence ("stability") of the API.
Jonas Bredenfeldt 20€
Karl Westin 20€ It's the #1 i recommend to people wanting to learn JS
larz 20€
Martin S. 20€
Massimiliano Filacchioni 20€
Michał Laskus 20€
nerdess 20€
Oliver Anan 20€
Owen Densmore 20€ My preferred task really is "all"!
Panos Astithas 20€
Sonny Piers 20€ Eloquent JavaScript is one of the best resource to learn programming and JavaScript. I'd love to read a new edition.
Tiago Rodrigues 20€ I recommend Eloquent JavaScript to everyone wanting to learn JS as the first book they look at and people usually love it. Hopefully a new edition will get even more people to learn JS!
Tom Alterman 20€
Victor Hooi 20€ Loved the first book. Go hard mate! =)
Vit Brunner 20€ Whenever someone tells me they'd like to learn programming, I point them to Eloquent Javascript!
Adrian Schaedle 25$ Eloquent JS is not only the greatest introduction to Javascript that exists, it's one of the most illuminating books about how to reason about your programs and how to start thinking functionally. I think it's the book responsible for most developers making the jump from curious HTML prodders to full-stop intelligent programmers.
Andrew de Andrade 25$ Awesome work. I recommend your book to lots of people who are new to programming. I think it is easily one of the best books out there. Thank you and thank you on behalf of everyone I've recommended it to. Also, thank you for Tern.js, CodeMirror and the Haskell code I have perused. I love it when people like you Brian Lonsdorf, Substack, Fogus and others help build bridges between JavaScript and functional programming programming languages like Haskell and Clojure, and grow the body of work in JavaScript code that use functional paradigms and idioms. Best, Andrew engineer @
Anonymous 25$
Anonymous 25$
Anonymous 25$
Anonymous 25$
Anonymous 25$
Brian Kung 25$
Dina Lamdany 25$
G. Jason Head 25$
Greg Lind 25$ The original is such a wonderful resource. Thank you very much. Please take $20 for the project and spend the other $5 on a pint of something refreshing. You've earned it again and again.
Hartley 25$ Despite its age, this book provides a wonderful introduction into Javascript. Would love to see it updated for a new generation of developers.
John Goodleaf 25$
Kashif Jabbar 25$ EJS is by far the best JavaScript book I have come across. Really looking forward to the 2nd Edition.
Les Dougherty 25$ I'm just past being a beginner to JavaScript, but do have older experience in Perl. I think this is a great project. Best wishes for success. I'm retired now, but will try to donate again later.
Matt Sahr 25$
Paul C 25$ I've been exposed to Javascript for 10 years and thought I had a reasonable grasp of things but today your book confused me. This is a good thing because I realised there is an awful lot I don't know and am working through your book to start again with a better foundation.
Sean 25$
Thorin Messer 25$
Tom Gamble 25$
Trae 25$
Udi Wertheimer 25$
Yojan Shrestha 25$ This is how education should happen to begin with. Also, love this book. Keep doing what you do.
Yusuf Abdi 25$
Anonymous 18€
Anonymous 20$ When I use eloquent javascript people hardly notice my disfigurement.
Aaron Ackerman 20$
Aaron Moodie 20$
Alex Gill 20$
Alvin Ashcraft 20$ Thanks! Love the first edition.
Andrey Fedorov 20$
Anonymous 20$
Anonymous 20$
Anonymous 20$
Anonymous 20$ I'm going through the first edition right now. It's excellent. Can't wait for the second edition!
Anonymous 20$
Anonymous 20$
Anonymous 20$
Anonymous 20$
Anonymous 20$
Anonymous 20$
Anonymous 20$
Anonymous 20$
Anonymous 20$
Anonymous 20$ Thanks for your great works! The practice-based introduction is what distinguishes this book from other JS books, so I think more practical chapters would be great.
Ariel Kirkwood 20$
Chris Kottom 20$
Cody Lindley 20$
David Sprague 20$
Dethe Elza 20$ Hi Marijn, I can't tell you how many people I have steered to your book and online version. I still think it's the best introduction to JavaScript around, and am enthusiastic about it becoming even better.
Drew Bell 20$
Eric Baer 20$ Reading this book helped me understand functional programming for the first time!
Erik Swan 20$
Gary Lucas 20$
Griffin Alberti 20$
Jeremy Schlatter 20$
Jerzy Batalinski 20$ I love the work you have done, I continue to try to improve my knowledge of objects, loops as I rushed through the book to grasp the concepts as fast as possible. Now working with backbone.js I often refer to the Javascript fundamentals in your book. Plus the Aunt with Cats email is epic. Great work, continue doing awesome stuff :)
Jesus Alvarez 20$ The first edition was amazing. Can't wait for the second edition!
John DeHope 20$ I appreciate your work, Marijn, and the way you're funding and licensing it.
John M 20$ Javascript is the world's most popular language -- I'd love to write it as gracefully and minimally as possible -- thanks!
Jorge L Garcia 20$ Awesome book, awesome legacy, let's keep it alive.
Joseph Clay 20$
Justin Lowery 20$
Klemen Slavic 20$ This guy.
Kyle Alexander Thompson 20$
LadyMartel 20$
Mauricio Mercado 20$
Millard Ellingsworth 20$ I paid about $20 for the paper version and I'm happy to kick in another $20 to see an updated, generally available version. It's excellent work that I have referred others to multiple times.
Patrick Taylor 20$
Patrick Teglia 20$ Loved the first book, really hope you make your goal!
Pierre-Francois Laquerre 20$
pmThompson 20$ I initially wanted to mark task:None, but I was worried that un-targeted funds could become un-directed work. Besides, *EVERYONE* needs to hire an artist ;-)
RicheTheBuddha 20$ Thank you for working to update this excellent work and putting it out there in a free way. Thank you for the first edition!
Sanket Patel 20$ I am always in a hurry and first time when I read this book very quick I felt kind of satisfaction and enlightenment with this book more than with any other book...I knew that I had to read this book again and I did...The title Eloquent is not an overstatement...Really the modern introduction on javascript...The definite way to go for writing a book...not only best javascript beginner book but best programming book for any programmer wanna be...Thanks for this book!
Scott Carpenter 20$ Thank you!
Scott Lesser 20$
Sean Diamond 20$
Sergii 20$
TehShrike 20$ Chapter 6 helped me wrap my head around functional programming. I am in your debt!
Timur 20$
Tom Keeler 20$
Tyler Cipriani 20$
Vish Jiawon 20$
Zev Averbach 20$
Alex Gyoshev 15€ Rock on!
Alun Davey 15€
Anonymous 15€
Anonymous 15€
Anonymous 15€
Anonymous 15€
Anonymous 15€
Anonymous 15€ It would be incredibly great to be able to not only read the book, but use the book sandbox on iPhone. With v1 AFAIK it was not practical and/or not working. An offline manifest would also be great for smartphones, in particular the (upcoming) Firefox OS based ones.
Anonymous 15€
Jérémy Ozog 15€
Karl Inglis 15€
manichord 15€
Pedro Figueiredo 15€
Peter Zuidhoek 15€
Tchesko 15€ Great job. It's better than all the other books i have bought far away... Signed : A french reader.
Victor Cazacov 15€
Stefan Bauckmeier 13€
Ben Frank Lodge 12€ Have fun writing the new book. I look forward to the results!
@partyfists 15$ The book that taught me how Javascript can be beautiful and well written needs this update and I am proud to support it.
Anonymous 15$ I read a large part of your book online. It was awesome, I intended to buy a hardcopy but never did. Hope this compensates you adequately and get you running on the second edition. Looking forward to it.
Anonymous 15$
Anonymous 15$
Anonymous 15$ Like the first book, so would use the second book. Good luck on the rewrite!
Anthony Yu 15$ Thanks bro. You're teaching this baby bird how to take flight. I guess, "Thanks Daddy!" would be more appropriate!
Jason Laster 15$ thanks
Jim Hart 15$
Karl J. Smith 15$
Miroki 15$
Patrick 15$
Ramkumar 15$
Shawn Searcy 15$
Sheldon 15$
Alexander Dobbert 10€
Amr Malik 10€
Andrew Ducker 10€
Andrew Price 10€
Andrew Whitehouse 10€
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€ For beginners chapter 6-8 are where you are losing them, when it comes to functions, recursion, method chaining, oop and so on within a few pages.
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€ yay i am so excited
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€
Anonymous 10€
bastian 10€
Bema 10€ Thanks for doing this excellent work, I read the first edition online and leaned a lot. I would like to help translating it to Portuguese, I am Brazilian, so if by any chance you are contacted by other Brazilians willing to do the same job please put us in contact so we can build a working group for this task. Best wishes, Bema
blake johnson 10€ this is one of the best programming books ever written regardless of language, thanks!
Bundyo 10€
Colm Heaney 10€ I love this book! Still working my way through the first edition but it has been good enough to convince me to contribute to the 2nd. Great job man!
Daniel Beck 10€ Eloquent Javascript is a really good book. Thanks for the hard work.
Dinis Correia 10€
Fabian Straubinger 10€
Ferdinand Salis-Samaden 10€
Garren Smith 10€ Keep up the great work. I loved the first book.
gasper 10€ yay for giving money to people to do cool stuff!
Greg McCarvell 10€
GZiolo 10€ Good luck! Waiting for updated version.
Jag 10€ Great work!
Jan Tiedemann 10€
Jiří Prokop 10€ I hope this book will help to change world! :-)
jjjmmmhhh 10€
Kevin Dangoor 10€
Lech Rzedzicki 10€ Hi. Thank you for all the work so far, looking forward to 2nd edition.
Loucas Papantoniou 10€
Lucas 10€ Thank you!
Manuel Kiessling 10€ Eloquent JavaScript is one of the very few books I did not sell before me and my family moved into another city last year. I really love having it.
Mark Robson 10€
Matthew Lancey 10€
Maurizio Mangione 10€
Paddy O'Hanlon 10€ I learned so much from the first book. It broke down many JavaScript walls for me. Really looking forward to the new edition!
Patrick Te Tau 10€ I'd prefer as much of a functional programming lean as possible in a rewrite. But, you know, it's your book ;)
Pedro Teixeira 10€ Eloquent JavaScript has long been my go-to recommendation for people that want to have a good coverage of modern JavaScript programming. I'm really happy that the author is planning a second revision.
Piotr Migdał 10€ A great starting point to learn JavaScript!
pixelkritzel 10€
PurplePilot 10€
qgi 10€
Richard 10€ Great book! I'm a beginner but it helped me understand so much about Javascript and the fundamentals of the language.
Rob Campbell 10€ It's been 6 whole years. JavaScript and the DOM have changed quite a bit since then. This new version should address that.
Roland Tanglao 10€
Rémi Gérard-Marchant 10€
Stefan Lodders 10€
Stuart Cuthbertson 10€
Thomas L. 10€ Loved the first one. Keep up the good work!
Volodymyr Prokopyuk 10€
whostolemyhat 10€ Great book, incredibly useful!
Juan Carlos Lopez B 12$ I used your guide to learn JavaScript, and it was great! Thanks alot!
Anonymous 11$
Adam Khorshid 10$
Al Billings 10$
Alejandro Garcia 10$
Andriy G 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$ You have written an excellent book on my favourite language... You havema made a difference to my life... I can afford only 10 $.. good luck
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$ I used the original Eloquent Javascript to learn JS and I am grateful to it. It's a classic that was made available to everyone. I can't wait to see the next version and am happy to support its continued existence as a goto for learning JS especially as JS becomes more and more ubiquitous.
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$ still going through the (very well-done) first version, excited to see the updates!
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$ Thank you so much for your work. I've been working with javascript daily for about a year now, and your tutelage, especially in the way of data structures and programming paradigms, has been a huge boon to my abilities! Keep up the terrific work.
Anonymous 10$ Thanks a lot for writing this.
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$ Eloquent Javascript served as my intro to JS and it's been with me the whole way. Thanks a bunch.
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Anonymous 10$
Audrey 10$ Great work with 1st edition. Please keep up with the good work.
Brian FitzGerald 10$ I think the current intro is beautiful, don't change it too much :) Thanks for your efforts!
C J Silverio 10$
Chris Bobek 10$
Collin Garvey 10$
Cory Gagliardi 10$ Eloquent JavaScript is my favorite JS book. I'm looking forward to seeing an update.
Cris Noble 10$
CyberAP 10$ First edition helped me a lot. Looking forward for a new one.
Dan Lourenco 10$
davewhat 10$
Don Burks 10$ The first edition is how I get people excited about JS.
Eduardo Nieto 10$ Your book has been invaluable to me. I recommend it anytime I can, especially to people learning how to program. Thanks a lot!
Eric Schiller 10$ This book taught me Javascript.
erutan 10$
Ivan Shornikov 10$ Great idea!
James 10$
James Herdman 10$
Jan 10$
Jason 10$
Jeb Schiefer 10$
John Caruso 10$
Leandro D'Onofrio 10$ JavaScript FTW!
max borghino 10$
Mayuresh Kathe 10$
Megan Taylor 10$ Eloquent JavaScript got me over a lot of my early hurdles, and is still a resource I return to. I've also recommended it to friends who were looking to learn programming.
Michael Allan 10$ Heck, I'd have paid just to have one of the bugs speak my bubble! *So* much cooler than any Kickstarter bonus. Also, can't wait to see an updated version of this classic :-)
Michael Paulukonis 10$ I loved the original web-version, and have recommended it to colleagues learning JS. For the record, I was always impressed with the in-page editor/executor environment. Being able to test ideas in the same location I was reading about kept me from jarring context-shifts. Making the sample code vanilla-js is a good idea, though.
mike maxwell 10$
Mohammed Ameen 10$
Nick Ketter 10$ Have been wanting to learn Javascript for a while and something about this seems like a better use of any $ I'd spend on a finished book.
Rick Yentzer 10$
Rob Bartholme 10$
Robert Brimhall 10$
Rolf 10$ I bought your first book and it was great :-)
Sachin Palewar 10$ I took Derek Sivers's advice and started learning Javascript recently with your online book. I am onto 3rd chapter now and already feel that your book is useful not only for novice programmers but for experienced ones as well. I am mighty impressed with current version and can only imagine what can you do with a re-written version. All the best. Also your background animation rocks.
Sandy 10$ I love the first edition. Your writing made me rediscover the joy of learning to code.
Scott 10$
Shaun Santa Cruz 10$
Steve Kinney 10$ The first edition of the book really helped me wrap my head around JavaScript. I'm looking forward to the second version.
Tessa Thornton 10$
Tony Ching 10$ Thank you for teaching programming via JavaScript. I look forward to buying the book again.
Varun Raj 10$ Thank Tou Marijn... I would like to express my gratitude for the work you are doing. Great Job.
Zachary Freeman 10$ Can't wait for the new version!
谢彪 10$ Love your book and open source works <3 :-)
Anonymous 8$
Anonymous 8$
Anonymous 8$ Congratulations for the initiative and the book. I home you get all the money you need for write this second version and make an ePub version too :)
Farid Neshat 8$
Patrick Stapleton 8$ @gdi2290
vobi 6€
Robbie Edwards 8$
Anonymous 5€
Anonymous 5€
Anonymous 5€
Anonymous 5€
Anonymous 5€
Anonymous 5€
Anonymous 5€
Anonymous 5€
Anonymous 5€
Anonymous 5€
Chris Mear 5€
Dima Samodurov 5€
Emilian Losneanu 5€
Francisco Fernández Castaño 5€
Harry Moreno 5€ Loved the original. Consider including jquery, it's a pretty standard requirement these days for a JS programmer.
Ian Rose 5€ Thanks and looking forward to the release!
Jacob 5€
Jan Aagaard 5€
Lasse 5€
Mario Estrada 5€
Peter Janotta 5€
Ralf Puchert 5€
Roberto Ferro 5€
Sergi 5€ Awesome stuff, make it awesomer!
Slavo Ingilizov 5€ Rock on dude. You're doing an awesome thing.
Staale Nataas 5€
Thomas Herzog 5€
Wojtek 5€
Wolfgang 5€
Anonymous 4€
Anonymous 5$
Ali Ukani 5$
Anonymous 5$
Anonymous 5$
Anonymous 5$
Anonymous 5$
Anonymous 5$
Anonymous 5$
Anonymous 5$
Anonymous 5$
Anonymous 5$
Anonymous 5$
Ben Boarder 5$ The first edition of 'Eloquent JavaScript' helped me at the beginning of my development career so much, that I hope for the next generation of JavaScripters to gain the same solid skills.
Christopher Lamm 5$
Colin Gourlay 5$ The original is a classic. Excited to share the new edition with new JS devs!
curtis gagliardi 5$
Dhruv Chandna 5$
Eugene Bulkin 5$
Garth Johnson 5$
Jack Crish 5$ Thank you for the first book. Glad to see you're working on an update. Good luck with your progress.
Loren Saele 5$ Enjoyed the first edition and looking forward to an updated second edition.
Lucas D 5$ Amazing contribution to the javascript community.
Luiz Americo Pereira Camara 5$
Paul Jaworski 5$ Probably the best introduction to Javascript I have encountered!
Peter M 5$
Ron Hamenahem 5$
Stanislav 5$ EloquentJS rocks !
Ted Young 5$
Thomas 5$ Can't wait!
tucaz 5$
wannianchuan 5$ Like your book, look forward to the second edition.
Wyatt 5$ Yours is the best JS resource available. Keep up the good work.
Yorgos Kopanias 5$ I am only half-way the 1st edition and I think you have done a great job! Thank you!
Anonymous 4$
Anonymous 3€
Guido Corradi 3€ Good job! : )
Radek P 3€
Anthony Mastrean 3$
Anonymous 2€
Anonymous 2€
Anonymous 2$
Toby 2$
Tori Hamblin 2$
Anonymous 1€
Anonymous 1€
bzlm 1€ hi guys
Krzysztof B. Wicher 1€
robalarcon 1€ I have never read the first edition, but I have used a lot of your software and I'll looking forward for this edition
Anonymous 1$
Farid Neshat 1$
s5s5 1$ good job
Tapan Shah 1$ Good luck & Thank you