Eloquent JavaScript

These are the known mistakes in the second edition of the book. For errata in the first edition, see this page.


Page 4: The sentence “You can probably imagine how how tedious…” duplicates the word how.

Chapter 9

Page 159 (The Date Type): The findDate function produces the wrong months. The second argument given to new Date should be Number(match[2]) - 1, subtracting one to compensate for the fact that months start at zero in this interface.

Chapter 10

Page 185 (Slow-Loading Modules): In the code snippet for define, the second use of the every method is incorrect. The call should be to myMode.onLoad.forEach instead.

Chapter 14

Page 242 (Mouse Motion): The example uses event.which to detect mouse button release. This only works in Chrome and Safari. See the updated code and comment for a better way.

Chapter 16

Page 281 (Curves): The text refers to the bezierCurve method. This method is actually called bezierCurveTo (as in the example code).

Page 282 (Curves): Where it says the picture shows a line from the left of the circle to the left of the quarter circle, it should definitely say right in both instances.